Saturn in the 5th – an Obligation to Fun and Creativity

For those that have Saturn natally in the birth chart, it is probably easier to relate to this concept. For me, it was always a mystery about the role of Saturn in the fifth house. What in the world can Saturn do in the house of fun, business, education, speculation, and children?

Contemplating on this one day I realized the transit of Saturn through the fifth from Moon. The transits of the Moon are not less important than the transits from the ascendant as they show things that come about naturally in our inner perspective on the unfolding of outer circumstances.

So what does the lord of discipline and time do in the fifth house? You know that feeling when life is so tough and dark that you have no choice but to emerge yourself in something creative and fun? This could be a transit of Saturn through the fifth.

Of course, Saturn through the fifth can give a wide range of results, and we all know that children can be a cause of great concern for parents in different parts of their growing up. Saturn can show the birth of children as Saturn is one of the planets whose transits can give concrete and palpable results.

So, if you are getting Saturn through the fifth house and are feeling down in the dumps, try taking up something creative and make your own experiences each day. Take up a camera, take pictures of your life, and make something beautiful out of it. Get that instrument out and learn to play. Go out and have fun! The spark you create in your own life can light up the darkness that clouds the world.


Astrology- Predestination or Choice

To what extent do correct predictions inevitably occur? The moment one is born the clock was started based on past life experiences. It sets one up to a certain set of conditions and events throughout life. We know that the childhood environment which is unchosen by the individual, and the reaction to early childhood conditioning have a profound impact on the rest of the individual’s life. All the planets and grahas in the horoscope represent all the people in the child’s life, starting from the parents. Most of the time the predetermined character of the child is what colors its experiences based on its perception of what is happening around it.

As the child grows it begins to have the right to make decisions. Those decisions, however, are a complex result of the things that happened before. There is a still a chain reaction in the individual’s life.

I believe there are short moments when life steers in one direction or another from a choice between predestined options. An individual is a part of a bigger scenario, so it is only normal that its life has to conform in one way or another to the natural rhythm and mechanic of the world and time.

In higher dimensions, in a raised state of consciousness, the human has a greater scope to their choices and a greater field of possibilities. The grahas directly influence the centers of the brain. Improving the evolutionary makeup of the biological human-flesh translates the frequencies coming from the various grahas to a higher octave. With an ascending world, the stars and grahas have yet to show their higher manifestations.

Maybe the choice is between levels of consciousness. The stars and planets will always be there, but our ascension towards the higher realms will open us up to the finer tuning of the sky.

A planet like Saturn can give obstacles, hurdles, coldness, and blockages, but on a higher level, it grants discipline, clarity and supreme mastery. To what extent does the individual aim towards the source? That is the results they will receive and that is where the choice can be made.